RaheJa QBE



Under DCD, we conduct the following activities.

I. Document Fulfillment for Retail / Cards Application

Once the Lead generated by alternate Channels, we contact the customer and collect the filled Application form, KYC and Income documents. We also verify the Documents against the Originals at the same time

II. Post Disbursement Documents Collections

We help in collecting Post Disbursement Documents i.e. RC Book, Invoice by Contacting Customer / Respective dealer

III. ECS Pick-up & Submission / Activation

We help in Collecting ECS Mandates from Customers and can also verify / submit the same to Customer’s Bank for further process

IV. Liability KYC Document Pick-up

In KYC refresher process, we contact customer and collect required KYC Documents

V. Cheque Pick-up

We visit to the Customer’s address as per Appointment and collect the Premium Cheque of Specified Amount. We also deposit the same into Client’s Bank Account